If you have any other essential oil or Aromae product related questions please hop over to our contact page or give us a call and one of our team will be happy to assist! 

Are your products tested on animals?

Can essential oils be ingested or used for cooking?
We don’t advocate for this as some oils have volatiles that can be harmful. However, many are safe to use, we recommend you ask your naturopath about which are suitable.

Do your products contain parabens?

How should I store my essential oils?
Essential oils should always be stored in a glass bottle, away from direct sunlight, and away from temperature extremes. Essential oils should also be stored out of reach of children.

Are essential oils safe for pets?
Yes, some oils are very beneficial to your pets. But some are toxic to animals (Dogs with peppermint or tea tree - Cats with clove or eucalyptus). So to keep your fur-baby safe we recommend you consult your trusted local vet.

Are Aromae products vegan?

Are essential oil products are safe for pregnancy?
Some are. Others can cause very serious issues. Always consult you naturopath or doctor.

Are there any precautions with essential oils when I'm breastfeeding?
Certain oils are not suitable. Consult your naturopath or doctor.

Are essential oils safe for children?
It depends on the intended use. Aromatherapy applications are generally safe but any medical use or treatment, topical or otherwise. should only be recommended by your naturopath or doctor.

Are your products certified organic?
Most of our oils are organically sourced. We don’t certify as the cost for doing so is no longer viable in the industry.

Are the oils therapeutic grade?
Yes, but we are not qualified to make therapeutic recommendations.

What are the production standards of your products?
There are various production methods for producing oils, we use Certificates of Analysis to check that batches meet expected standards across the range of oils available.

I have very sensitive skin, can I use your products?
Small dilutions of essential oils in carrier oils are generally safe. Skin sensitivities are always individual, so test and follow the directions of your practitioner.

Are all the ingredients of the essential oils sourced from Australia?
No. Essential oils are sourced from all over the world. Very few essential oils, particularly common ones, are produced in Australia at all. Soil, environment and climate are all important contributors to essential oil production, so certain plants only grow in specific parts of the world, we source them from wherever they best grow. However, if they grow best locally we always prefer the local producer.

What if there is an issue with my order?
We fix it. No one likes problems but we make sure your experience with us is and always will be a happy one.

Do your products contain Palm Oil or Palm Oil derivatives?
No. Palm oils may find their way into cosmetics but we only supply essential oils.