Essential Oil Ultrasonic Glass Diffuser GH2166 Series

Humidify the air and create a beautiful aroma throughout your home!

A lot of people are choosing diffusers over oil burners these days. They diffuse much longer, are safer (no candle required) and are generally a lot easier to clean. 

This is a beautiful crafted Glass diffuser.  Comes in 5 different patterns - whitety, woody, cloudy, sandy & marbledy.  As it is handcrafted by glass makers, each one is uniwue in its own way.

Putting this in your home will scent and atmosphere in the room.

Great gift idea (even for yourself) and keeps your home smelling fresh throughout the seasons.



Electrical Adapter

Measuring Container


$120.00 $200.00 - $80.00 OFF

Australian Made & Owned

100% Pure

Ethically Sourced

Cruelty Free

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