Essential Oil Nebulising Waterless Diffuser GH2201 (3rd Generation)

Humidify the air and create a beautiful aroma throughout your home, office & vehicles!

A lot of people are choosing diffusers over oil burners these days. They diffuse much longer, are safer (no candle required) and are generally a lot easier to clean. 

This "waterless" diffuser can be used directly with Aromae's 12 ml essential oil glass bottle.  No water is require - giving it a much more pure aroma.

It is light and portable, but can last up to 7 days of continueous usage (not recommeded).

Great gift idea (even for yourself) and keeps your home & car smelling fresh throughout the seasons.



Electrical Adapter


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Australian Made & Owned

100% Pure

Ethically Sourced

Cruelty Free

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