Essential Oil Nebulising Waterless Diffuser UD500 (4th Generation)

Humidify the air and create a beautiful aroma throughout your home or car!

A lot of people are choosing diffusers over oil burners these days. They diffuse much longer, are safer (no candle required) and are generally a lot easier to clean. 

This 4th generation Nebulising "waterless" diffuser makes it very easy to use - simply just connect your Aromae 12 ml glass essential oil bottle to the unit.  No water is require.

Nebulising diffuser is better quality then the conventional ultarsonic, heat or evaporative diffusers as it maintains the composition of the oil - this allows it to achieve a better aromatherapy effect.

4th generation diffusion technology makes the aroma even more pure, freah and long lasting!

Great gift idea (even for yourself) and keeps your home and car smelling fresh throughout the seasons.



Electrical USB Adapter


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