Blue Essential Oil Bottle with Dripolator Cap (12mL) - Aromae Essentials
Blue Essential Oil Bottle with Dripolator Cap (12mL) $3.95
Empty Essential Oil Bottle with Cap Perhaps you're keen to do some blending of your own and you need a clean bottle to fill ... comes with a white dripolator cap.
Tealights Gift-Pack - Aromae Essentials
Tealights Gift-Pack $6.95
Need more tealights with that? 12-pack of tealightcandles all wrapped up in a bow and ready to go with your favourite oil burner!
Blue Glass Spritzer Bottle (100mL) - Aromae Essentials
Blue Glass Spritzer Bottle (100mL) $7.95
Empty Spritzer Bottle with Misting Spray Cap Just add some body wash to you favourite essential oil blend and then top up with water. Now you have your own unique Essential Oil Room Mist!


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